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Mindfulness journal — March 8, 2021

Mindfulness journal

I kept some kind of mindfulness journal separately in a mobile notepad application for easy access of record. I used it for a year or so and has stopped using it any more once I get accustomed to having meditation / mindfulness activity regularly. I am not so sure if I am really so tranquil in my meditation. Yet, I am sure such mindfulness activity did help me a lot in my life last year to calm myself when facing challenges. Format is rigid. Your mind is free. Inner search has no fixed route. Keep searching and one will find the right way.

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Say goodbye — January 14, 2020

Say goodbye

Sometimes you have to make up your mind to say goodbye to those who are manipulating your kindness and character just to profit themselves only, in particular without any awareness of their speech and acts hurting you. They kept on squeezing you, asking for more, and don’t even let you take a break, not mention scolding you for minor things. Wisdom is your awareness of your such suffering. Bravery is your departing from such persons, turning a new chapter. I’m glad I made up my mind to say goodbye and did not confront such a person. Accept somebody is just like the way they used to be. What a relief!

#gratitude #grateful #positive #goodbye #manipulating #staypaulsitive

New Year’s Resolution — January 2, 2020

New Year’s Resolution

What is your new year’s resolution? Nothing will happen if you don’t take a move. A city is never built on a single day. Would it be more constructive to take time to make planning rather than regret what you should have done beforehand? I have made up my mind to start to live my new year different from the previous one in a more positive and happier way. How about yours? Dream big. Start from small steps. Remind yourself your new year’s resolution from time to time from now on. Hope your wish will come true. Wish you all have a prosperous new year!

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A happy time — December 31, 2019
A perfect ceremony this afternoon — December 20, 2019

A perfect ceremony this afternoon

When an MC of an event introduced his big boss with tears of gratitude, thanking him for steering the organization for nearly two dozen years, you know how a good example this leader has set. When different walks of guests and members all gave a big hand showing their applause whole-heartedly, you know how this leader could attract people to support and enable people to succeed. The ceremony I attended this afternoon has truly demonstrated what gratitude is. Thank you for letting me to join and sharing your joy with with me.

#positive #grateful #gratitude #event #leader

Reading is a gift — December 3, 2019

Reading is a gift

Nurturing your kid a habit of reading is really a gift for his / her whole life. When you engage yourself in reading a material, you relate your experiences with those of the author and make connections, like talking with each other. This will help lift a child up. Kids can also read more on smart phones rather than sticking to social media apps. Let’s start developing positive habits now.

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Anticipating Christmas — December 1, 2019
Whistle on the street — November 28, 2019

Whistle on the street

I heard the whistle of a man playing a guitar on a busy crossing in the city yesterday evening . Because of the mic, his performance could be heard even at the corner of the street. The echo of the sounds brought me serenity and peace. Thank you for touching on hearts.

#positive #grateful #gratitude #beauty #peace #serenity

Make a wish — November 22, 2019
Hope — November 17, 2019
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