Stay Paulsitive

You life will roll out depending on how you see it.

Hope — November 17, 2019


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Only right or wrong? — November 3, 2019

Only right or wrong?

You said something is wrong but your friend thought that is right. Who has the say? What is your rationale? Is this judgment really a must?

Why can’t we adopt another approach?

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Your lens — November 2, 2019
A new day — October 29, 2019

A new day

Good morning! What would you start to do this morning? Reading newspaper or online news. Browsing your Google Calendar and worrying what not yet finished. Have you thought of setting a new goal for your brand new day? Positive changes will come through your small steps each day.

#positive #newday #goalsetting

Is missing something a bad experience? — October 28, 2019

Is missing something a bad experience?

I have just missed an MTR train after work. I had nearly caught it with just less than a second. I was only a little bit unhappy. Yet, I had not let myself to linger on this feeling. Before I jumped into an app, another train had arrived.

Stay positive. Treasure any little moments, even not smooth ones. Happiness and luck are everywhere.

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Which perspective would you choose? — October 26, 2019

Which perspective would you choose?

The above is the same view. But what filter are you used to using? What perspective do you take? No one can decide this for you. No one can force you to do so. Everyone has one’s own responsibility and right of pursuing happiness. When you are used to finding faults and spreading negative sentiments, who’s to be blamed for your mental state? Hope you have the habit to see joyfulness and kindness even out of tough times.

#staypausitive #positive #perspectives #happiness

My new IG — October 25, 2019
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